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Front - Ramon Maasdorp (Vice President), Beatrix Greyvenstein (President), Saima Nambinga
Back - Petrus Elago, Gaynor Michaels, Melki Uupindi, Anne-Doris Hans-Kaumbi, Alwyn Harmse
JPK Trust 2   The 9th annual JP Karuaihe Trust Fund Excellence Award winners have been announced. They are Nicole Duminy (Best LLB Final Year Student 2014), Sune de Klerk (Best JTC Student 2014), the Legal Assistance Centre and the UNAM Legal Aid Clinic.

Find out more about the Trust and the Awards here
student-1 During 2016, bursaries will be available to students to pursue their studies at a suitable institution for a law degree recognised in Namibia. The minimum requirements may be found here...
Board-fidelity-fund-2015 sm   The Council of the Law Society of Namibia re-appointed Mr Habo Gerdes, Ms Hilke Ahrens and Mr Ramon Maasdorp to serve on the Board of Control of the Legal Practitioners’ Fidelity Fund.

For more details see here
student-1 As part of its policy to promote the education of candidates to gain entry to the legal profession, the Law Society with the assistance of the Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund and the Namibian Legal Practitioners’ Trust awarded nine bursaries for 2014. See the recipients, here...
Deidre-Sauls   At the International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Conference in Tokyo held during October 2014, the IBA Council met and elected new office bearers.

Mrs Deidre Sauls (Past President and Councillor of the Law Society of Namibia) was elected as one of the Bar Issues Commission (BIC) Officers. In addition to her general duties as BIC Officer, she will also be responsible for communications in Africa and Europe.

For more details on the IBA elections see here
Retha-lilace   At the IILACE annual meeting held in Cape Town during November new Executive Committee was elected. 

Mrs Retha Steinmann (Past and Present Director of the Law Society of Namibia) was elected as Secretary / Treasurer of the IILACE Executive Committee for a two-year term.

For more details on the IILACE annual meeting see here
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