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The Free Legal Advice Days (FLAD) form part of the Law Society’s objectives to make legal services more accessible to those members of the public who cannot afford legal services. It also provides an opportunity to skilled professionals to give back to their communities.

Since its inception in 2014, the Office of the Ombudsman has been instrumental in the success of the FLAD by supporting this project and assisting the LSN with the venues and advertising the event in the regions.

The Windhoek FLAD took place on Thursday, 19 September 2019, at the UN Plaza Community Hall, Soweto, Katutura, attended by 81 members of the public.

The mid-north FLAD took place on Thursday, 24 October 2019, at the Benjamin Kheimseb Community Hall, Nomtsoub, Tsumeb.

Both the Free Legal Advice Days were presented in a revised format to better cater for those members of the public who are employed and cannot necessarily afford the time-off during work hours to attend and long waiting periods for individual consultations, were avoided.

In Tsumeb the Mayor, His Worship, Mr. Mathew Hangula, officially opened the event and the President of the Council of Law Society, Ms. Stacey Bock, delivered the welcoming remarks. LSN Senior Legal Officer, Hendrik Mauyoma, officiated the event.
The following topics were addressed at the FLAD in Tsumeb in the form of panel discussions, where after time was allowed for questions and one-on-one sessions:

  • Wills & Estates
    Presented by O Mutjavikua (Office of the Master of the High Court)
  • Labour
    Presented by W van Greunen (Köpplinger Boltman Legal Practitioners)
  • Mal-administration
    Presented by I Husselmann (Office of the Ombudsman)
  • Children’s rights
    Presented by I Husselmann (Office of the Ombudsman)
  • Domestic Violence and Maintenance
    Presented by M du Plessis (Maronel du Plessis Legal Practitioner)
  • Divorce
    Presented by C Harases (Tjitja Harases Incorporated)

The Chairperson, Council and Directorate of the Law Society of Namibia sincerely thank all involved for their participation and support in making the Free Legal Advice Day project a success.


Meetings with members, practising in the regions, take place once a year, when possible.

The benefit of the circle meetings is, inter alia, for members to share information with Council and colleagues in that specific region about what they do and challenges that they face. The meetings further provide a platform for solutions to be discussed, and in the process, colleagues learn from the experiences of others. In certain circumstances matters are referred to Council for discussion with the relevant authorities on behalf of the members.

Other benefits of circle meetings are that they give Council an opportunity to share information with the members relating to the profession and the work of the LSN, and for members to connect on an informal basis with the Council.

Many of the members who attended the Circle Meeting also assisted with the FLAD.

Mid-North Circle Meeting – Willem van Greunen, Cornelius de Koning, Charlie Bodenstein, Francois Pretorius, Kenneth Siambango, Hendrik Mauyoma (LSN Senior Legal Officer)
Maronel du Plessis, Stacey Bock, Tjitja Harases
FLAD Tsumeb – Ingrid Husselmann and His Worshop M Hangula (Mayor of Tsumeb)
FLAD Tsumeb – Tjitja Harases, Maronel du Plessis, A Matengu and W van Greunen all made presentations.