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LSN – 01/2019
INVITATION:The Law Society of Namibia invites interested Namibian registered, qualified and experienced construction companies to submit company profiles for the renovation of the existing Law Society Offices First Floor, Namlex Building, Windhoek.

Companies that meet the requirements set out below will be invited to submit quotations for the construction work. NOTE that companies that do not have the required experience in work of a similar nature will not be considered for the work.
DOCUMENTATION:To be eligible to participate the following documents must be submitted:
1) Company profile; 2) valid company registration document/founding statement;
3) original valid good standing tax certificate from Inland Revenue; 4) original valid good standing SSC certificate; 5) valid Affirmative Action compliance certificate, 6) proof from Employment Equity Commissioner that bidder is not a relevant employer or exemption issued in terms of Section 42 of the Affirmative Action Act of 1998; 7) original letter from the bank confirming banking details (letter should be on letterhead, stamped and signed by the bank official); 8) List of assignments of similar nature successfully completed during the last 5 years.
Written enquiries can be addressed to J Du Toit at Tech05@mbanam.com
Faxed or emailed documents will not be accepted. The LSN reserves the right not to accept any proposal. The LSN shall have the RIGHT to: (a) ask for clarification at time of examination and/or evaluation of profiles;
(b) reject all company profiles, if the above cited “eligible” conditions are not adhered to; (c) to remove non-performing suppliers from the list;
Completed Bids must be submitted by no later than 12:00 Wednesday 6 November 2019
at the office of:
Manda Bakkes Architects
Unit 31, Hyper Motor City,