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At the IBA Annual Conference in Tokyo held during October 2014, the IBA Council met and elected the incoming President, Vice-President and Secretary-General.  The President is from the USA, the Vice-President from Prague, Czech Republic and Secretary-General from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The incoming Officers for the Bar Issues Commission and the Officers of the Legal Practice Division and the Section on Public and Professional Interest were also elected.

Mrs Deidre Sauls (Past President and Councillor of the Law Society of Namibia) was elected as one of the Bar Issues Commission (BIC) Officers.

The Bar Issues Commission (BIC) is the section within the IBA dedicated to member organisations.  Its leadership provides programmes, projects and networking opportunities relating to the interests of bar associations and law societies, providing a platform for member organisations to discuss and work together on subjects of common interest.

Mrs. Sauls, in addition to her general duties as BIC Officer, will also be responsible for communications in Africa and Europe.

All terms of office will start from 1st January 2015 through to 31st December 2016.


Mrs Deidre Sauls