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The Law Society of Namibia (LSN) is a statutory body tasked with maintaining and enhancing the standards of conduct and integrity of all members of the legal profession. The LSN also represents the interests of legal practitioners who all took an oath, when admitted as legal practitioners, to uphold the Namibian Constitution and to protect the Administration of Justice and the Rule of Law.

The Law Society of Namibia encourages and promotes efficiency and responsibility in the legal profession. The LSN defines and enforces correct and uniform practice and maintains discipline among its members. Working closely with the Legal Practitioners’ Fidelity Fund, the LSN plays a pivotal role in protecting monies entrusted by members of the public to legal practitioners in private practice, by monitoring and enforcing compliance to carefully constructed rules.

To catch up with the rapid pace of change in the Namibian and global legal landscape and to enhance the legal profession’s ability to meet the needs of those it already serves / underserves / does not serve at all, the LSN has recently started a project that aims to make recommendations to the Namibian Government and the LSN members, for changes to the profession’s governing instruments, i.e. the Act, the Rules and the Policies. Similarly, changes are proposed for the LSN’s operational arm.

This project strives to put the legal profession in a better position to protect, promote and grow the fundamentals of a free, just and progressive Namibian society.

Consultancy title: Project Manager

Contract duration: Starting Date – 1 September 2016 or earlier, estimated ending date – 1 June 2017.

Objective: In close co-operation with the Strategic Committee of the Council of the Law Society of Namibia, to produce credible recommendations to the stakeholders within the legal profession for changes to the governing instruments of the legal profession.

Principal tasks: Review, update and revise existing project documents;
Identify and prepare further project documents;
Co-ordinate appointment of project consultants and volunteer participants;
Co-ordinate and ensure that consultants and volunteers conduct their tasks effectively and produce deliverables on time, at high standard and within budget; Prepare and present periodical reports.

Requirements: Minimum postgraduate degree.
Successful Project Management experience.
Demonstrable dedication to creativity.
Excellent oral and written communications skills, facilitation skills and stakeholder management skills.
Appropriate flexibility and capacity to start by 1 September 2016 and meet deadlines (Estimated ½ day commitment from 1 September 2016 to 1 June 2017, with intermittent intensive periods).
Strong organizational and financial management skills.
Sound understanding of the Namibian regulatory environment will be an advantage.
Experience in legislative drafting will be an advantage.
Experience in leading of successful research projects in Namibia or SADC will be an advantage.
Should have the office infrastructure and capacity to produce the required documents.
The position applied for must be clearly stated and the application should be addressed to:

The Director
The Law Society of Namibia
1st Floor, Namlex Chambers
333 Independence Avenue

Only suitably qualified applicants will be considered for shortlisting. No documents will be kept or returned.

Closing Date: Friday, 12 August 2016