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The ‘Labour Law Booklet, published by the Law Society of Namibia, was launched on 17 November 2011 at the cocktail reception held at the Hilton Hotel.  Pictured above are Mr Jaco Boltman (Chairperson of the Law Society’s Standing Committee on Labour Law, Natasha Bassingthwaighte (President:  LSN) and Mr Dunstin DeGrande (Political Section Chief, US Embassy – Windhoek).

Download the booklet, here…

Public legal education is important and the LSN is, on a continuous basis, busy with projects relating to human rights, the rule of law and the education of the public and the members of the LSN.  

The compilation of this 22 page booklet involved the commitment and dedication of various legal practitioners and we wish to thank the members of the Law Society for their input and time contributed to the project.  

It should also be mentioned that as part of the social responsibility of the legal practitioners the time and effort spent on this project was done FREE OF CHARGE.  

We wish to express our sincere appreciation towards the Democracy and Human Rights Fund of the Embassy of the United States of America who was willing, a few years back, to take our hands in strengthening the pillars of our free society by sponsoring the printing costs of this project.  

About the booklet

It is our understanding that the work force is seldom aware of his/her legal rights with regard to their rights and duties in respect of the labour law.  The reason why we wanted to publish the booklet is to provide a quick guide, in layman’s terms, to the public with regard to labour questions to ensure that people understand these rights and duties.  By understanding labour matters properly it limits an abuse of constitutional and basic human rights.  It is therefore vital that the man on the street be informed of these rights and be provided with a tool of reference to enforce these rights.  We hope that legal practitioners and the employers will also benefit from this concise labour law summary.