2020 bursary recipients

As part of its policy to promote the education of candidates to gain entry to the profession, the Law Society, on recommendation of its Standing Committee on Bursaries, granted bursaries to a number of students.

The recipients for 2020 are the following:

Bursaries re-allocated:

1. Ms. Cara Allen LLB University of Namibia
2. Ms. Winnie Katjiuongua LLB University of Namibia
3. Mr. Tjiunavio Kambako LLB University of Namibia
4. Mr. Uzapo Kahuikee LLB University of Namibia
5. Ms. Charmandy Kandjima LLB University of Namibia

New Bursaries:

6. Mr. William Brockerhoff LLB North-West University – South Africa
7. Ms. Littisha Harases LLB University of Namibia
8. Ms. Letitia Bouwer LLB University of Namibia
9. Mr. Victor Kamwi LLB University of Namibia
10. Mr. Zinedine Maritshane LLB University of Namibia

The amount spent on bursaries amount to N$224,000.00.

It would not have been possible for the LSN to award these bursaries if not for the continued financial contributions of the Legal Practitioners’ Fidelity Fund (LPFF) and the Namibian Legal Practitioners’ Trust (NLPT).

Cara Allen
(4th year)
Charmandy Kandjima
(2nd year)
Tjiunavio Kambako
(3rd year)
Uzapo Kahuikee
(2nd year)
Winnie Katjiuongua
(3rd year)
group photo 2020

Back Row (left to right): Sepiso Kamwi (1st year – UNAM) and Littisha Harases (1st year – UNAM)

Front Row (left to right): Dr. Meyer can den Berg (Chairperson of the LSN), Letitia Bower (1st year – UNAM) and Zinedine Maritshane (1st year – UNAM)

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