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(GG 85)
came into force on date of publication: 8 October 1990
as amended by
Legal Practitioners Act 15 of 1995 (GG 1141)
brought into force on 7 September 1995 by GN 150/1995 (GG 1148)
Judicial Service Commission Act 18 of 1995 (GG 1195)
brought into force on 20 November 1995 by GN 220/1995 (GG 1197)
International Co-operation in Criminal Matters Act 9 of 2000 (GG 2327)
brought into force on 15 September 2001 by GN 185/2001 (GG 2614)
(Note that there are two versions of GG 2327. The correct one states at the top:
“This Gazette replaces previous Gazette No. 2327.”)
Appeal Laws Amendment Act 10 of 2001 (GG 2585)
came into force on date of publication: 25 July 2001
High Court Amendment Act 3 of 2002 (GG 2770)
came into force on date of publication: 19 July 2002
High Court Amendment Act 14 of 2011 (GG 4863)
came into force on date of publication: 30 December 2011
High Court Amendment Act 12 of 2013 (GG 5384)
brought into force on 4 February 2014 by GN 10/2014 (GG 5397)


To make provision for the jurisdiction of the High Court of Namibia in pursuance of the
provisions of Article 80 of the Namibian Constitution; the making of rules of court; and to
provide for matters incidental thereto.

(Signed by the President on 5 October 1990)


  1. Definitions
  2. Jurisdiction of High Court in general
    2A. Divisions of High Court
  3. Qualifications for appointment as judges of High Court
    Republic of Namibia 2 Annotated Statutes
    High Court Act 16 of 1999
  4. Seat of High Court
    4A. Local divisions
  5. Remuneration of judges of High Court
  6. Appointment of acting judge in permanent capacity
  7. Period of appointment of acting judges
  8. Retirement of judges of High Court
  9. Judges not to hold any other office of profit
  10. Constitution of a court of High Court
  11. More than one court may sit at the same time
  12. Nature of High Court and seal
  13. Proceedings to be carried on in open court
  14. Manner of arriving at decisions
  15. Certified copies of court records admissible as evidence
  16. Persons over whom and matters in relation to which the High Court has jurisdiction
  17. Compilation of special dossiers
  18. Appeals against judgment or order of High Court in civil proceedings
  19. Powers of High Court on hearing of appeals
  20. Grounds of review of proceedings of lower courts
  21. No process to be issued against judge except with consent of court
  22. Scope and execution of process of High Court
  23. Execution of process in respect of association, partnership or firm
  24. Time allowed for appearance
  25. Prohibition on attachment to found jurisdiction or arrest where defendant resides in
  26. Manner of securing attendance of witnesses in civil proceedings
  27. Manner in which recalcitrant witnesses may be dealt with
  28. Foreign witnesses
  29. Manner of dealing with commissions rogatoire, letters of request and documents for
    service originating from foreign countries
  30. Appointment of officers of High Court
  31. Suspension and dismissal of deputy-sheriff
  32. Execution of process
  33. Liability for acts of sheriff
  34. Service of process on sheriff or deputy-sheriff
  35. Property not liable to be seized in execution
  36. Offences relating to execution
  37. Transmission of summonses, writs or other process and of notice of issue thereof by
  38. Witness fees
  39. Rules of court
  40. Saving and transitional provisions
  41. Short title